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【停產通知】FlukeNetworks DTX系列已全面停產, 維修校正服務及相關零料件將於2018年6月29日停止供應


June 1, 2017

DTX Owner:


We consider your success a key pillar of our business, and we continue to invest in product development to improve the work we do together in our industry. I would like to communicate some information thats important for your continued growth.  After extending the life of the DTX CableAnalyzers 1200 and 1800 Series as long as we can, DTX 1200 and 1800 service and calibration support will finally end June 29, 2018.


As you may know, we launched the DTX Series in 2004 and ended production in 2015, two years after introducing the Versiv Cabling Certification System. Our team has worked hard to provide support for the DTX into its fourteenth year, increasing our pool of Gold DTX loaners and purchasing all remaining worldwide stocks of five critical parts used in the DTX.


Here are a few key points to help you prepare for your transition:


   We will not be able to accept orders for DTX 1200 & 1800 options or accessories after June 29, 2018. Depending on demand, parts shortages may impact availability even earlier, so you may wish to place any last orders well before June.


   A sudden surge in repairs could deplete our limited repair parts inventory.  Should this happen, we will prioritize Gold customers in order to meet our commitments to them, and repair services may end earlier for customers without Gold support.


   The rapidly growing number of Versiv testers in the field requires us to convert our DTX 1200 & 1800 calibration stations to support the Versiv family. We anticipate a large demand for calibration services as we approach the June 29, 2018 deadline. To ensure you are able to get your DTX 1200 & 1800 calibrated one last time, please consider booking your appointment well in advance. Gold customers will be given priority for DTX calibration.


We appreciate your business, our long history together and the relationship you have with Fluke Networks. We, therefore, are doing everything we can to make this

process as smooth as possible for you. If you have any questions, or need any assistance with this process, we have set up a special Versiv transition team that can be reached from http://www.flukenetworks.com/DTX-Transition. If you would prefer to talk to a customer service representative, please call us at +886 2-2278-3199, or email alex.ho@fluke.com.







Eric T. Conley

VP/GM Fluke Networks

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