• TM500 Test Mobile移動測試系統

TM500 Test Mobile移動測試系統

為滿足新型蜂窩通信設備不斷發展的需求,基站一般要在手機推出很早之前就位。但沒有手機如何測試基站呢? Aeroflex為此推出了TM500移動測試系統。需要HSPA+手機UE測試儀嗎? 可選擇TM500。需要性能達到300Mbit/s的LTE UE測試儀嗎? 可選擇TM500。需要支援LTE開發測試、供容量測試解決方案重用的多UE測試儀嗎? 同樣可以選擇TM500! 各大基礎設施供應商和毫微微蜂窩基站製造商在其整個開發過程中均採用TM500。為什麼? 因為它已成為3GPP認證、驗證和優化的行業標準。

Infrastructure Test System TM500 TD-LTE Single UE

3GPP TD-LTE Release 8 Test

 Functional, performance of TD-LTE basestation and network equipment

 3GPP LTE compliant operation at Layer 1,Layer 2, and higher layers (RRC/NAS)

 150 Mbps, 20 MHz, MIMO, Closed Loop,multiple RF bands, Handover and CPRI

 Comprehensive control, measurement,data logging, display and analysis tools at all layers

 Powerful and scalable Software Defined Radio platform to support the future LTE technology roadmap and maximize return on investment

 Innovative test features to boost engineering productivity including high speed baseband logging, traffic data generators, and parameter override of closed control loops

 Remote and automation API

 Operation in the lab test and over the air

 Part of the TM500 product family that includes 3GPP LTE Multi-UE and Capacity test solutions

 Builds on heritage of global standard LTE FDD, HSPA/HSPA+ TM500 WCDMA test mobile

 Worldwide technical support and sales network


The 3GPPs Long Term Evolution (LTE) programmes are expected to deliver an increasingly better mobile user experience through improvements in end-user throughputs, sector capacity, and user

plane latency. To achieve this requires some significant changes in parts of the network infrastructure and mobile user equipment.

The TM500 TD-LTE product is a major addition to the Aeroflex TM500 family of 3GPP test mobiles and a substantial commitment by Aeroflex to support the current and future technologies required for 3GPP LTE. Two key differentiators between FDD and TDD technologies are the UL-DL asymmetry and the special sub-frame.TM500 TD-LTE supports all UL-DL configurations defined by 3GPP

to account for symmetrical and asymmetrical network traffic. The full range of special sub-frame configurations is also supported. Special sub-frame is defined by 3GPP in order to avoid UL and DL interfering to each other (each configuration applies to a different cell size).

Built upon a new and scalable software defined radio platform, the TM500 TD-LTE product targets development, demonstration and testing of 3GPP TD-LTE infrastructure equipment.

The range now also includes options for higher layers, higher category UEs, LTE FDD and Multi-UE operation. With its layered operation and automation interfaces the TM500 TD-LTE can additionally operate within an automated or wrap around test configuration.

Through years of experience in WCDMA/HSPA+ and working closely with customers on LTE FDD development and demonstrations, the TM500 TD-LTE product is primarily designed to help support and accelerate the overall development and test programme. The TM500 TD-LTE product offers the earliest access to the latest 3GPP functionality, before real handsets, as well as layered operation and high degree of logging and control.

Productivity enhancing tools simplify the development and running of test scenarios and include advanced test features such forced errors and event triggering. Highly flexible operation enables the TM500 TD-LTE to be used in many customer configurations including in the lab, over the air, manually or remotely or as part of an automated test system.


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