• Xtramus Nutreams-700 Chassis, Slot x 7

Xtramus Nutreams-700 Chassis, Slot x 7

NuStream系統能針對各待測物進行二至七層及100%封包產生 ,送收及進行各項網路協定測試

NuStreams-700 provides various interfaces, such as 40/10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 100/10 Mbps Ethernet for different testing requirements. Also, all slots of NuStreams-700 support hot-swapping. Therefore, swapping or changing test modules can be done easily without powering off NuStreams-700.

To provide a safe and reliable testing environment, both NuStreams-700 have sensors embedded inside. Vital system information such as system temperature, rotation speed of the fans and system voltage can be picked up by these embedded sensors. This information can be read and interpreted by Xtramus utility software running on PCs, and the utility software will alarm users when system failures occur.

With cards of different types installed, NuStreams-700 chassis can perform multiple, different tests simultaneously to ensure the test precision. As the result, the time consumed for all DUTs' multi-task testing will be shortened dramatically.

NuStreams-700 has an innovative design in its architecture, which is coupled with the new generation of management card XM-3S3GS. XM-3S3GS is embedded with the NuServer. In addition, it supports remote control and web management with a speed up to 1000M. The newly added key features of Nustreams-700 grant it enhanced performances.

 Intuitive utility software for monitoring system temperature and the fan speed

● All slots support hot-swapping

● Performing synchronized tests between cards

 Supporting multi-user mode, namely multi user using the chassis and cards installed simultaneously

 Utility softwares provided by Xtramus Technologies which can analyze the test results and DUT performance with intuitive GUI interface.

 Cards supporting different Ethernet transferring rate, from 10M to 40G

● Simple and easy-to-understand system status LEDs

● Replaceable fan tray

● Utility softwares that complied with RFC-2544 and RFC-2889

slots for installing test modules
22.5 cm (W) * 19.3 cm (D) * 18.6 cm (H)
Net Weight Approx. 3.7kg
Power Jack Male IEC 320 Receptacle
Input Power
AC 100V ~ 240V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Maximum Power Output
300 Watt

● Operating: -10oC~ 50oC(14oF~122oF)

● Storage:-10oC~ 50oC(14oF~122oF)



● Mgm Port: 10/100/1000M Mbps RJ45 x 1 for management and testing

● Console Port: RJ45 console port of 38400 baud rate for debugging

● USB Port: reserved


● L/A: display the link status between PC and NuStreams-700

● LED displays the status of the USB port 

● LED displays the status of the usage of web

● LEDs display the user mode of the chassis,  

   one user or multi-user                                                

Built-in Sensors

Detecting system temperatures, rotation speed of fans,

and system voltage

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