• Xtramus 1000M/100M/10M Module, RJ45 x 4, XM-RM7xx

Xtramus 1000M/100M/10M Module, RJ45 x 4, XM-RM7xx

XM-RM7xx Series are designed to work with NuStreams 600i/2000i chassis, supporting 1000M/100M/10M Ethernet testing.

● Support 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet test equipment

● Wirespeed hardware based traffic generation and analysis

● High test performance with low-cost testing ports

● Stream based wire speed layer2~3 traffic load generation

● RFC 2544/2889 test suite

● Wirespeed traffic capture with programmable filter and trigger criteria

● High-precision performance measurement of throughput, latency, loss, sequence and mis-ordering error

● Remote management of testpoints

● Validation with negative and abnormal test conditions per packet byte

● Real-time statistics for each port, including transmitted/received frames for VLAN, IPv4, IPv4 fragment, IPv4 extension , ICMP, ARP, total bytes/packets, CRC, IPCS error and over-and-under size frames


● XM-RM731: 2 Combo Gigabit Ports (SFP port x 2, UTP port x 2)

● XM-RM751: Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T; 1000BASE-X): SFP port x 2, UTP port x 2

● XM-RM761: Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-X): SFP port x 4

● XM-RM781: Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T): UTP port x 4

LED Indicator

SYS, L/A (Link/Active): 1, 2, 3, 4

Speed & Mode

● XM-RM731: Auto Negotiation , 1000Mbps Full Duplex

● XM-RM751:

    Auto Negotiation mode for SFP port, 1000 Mbps Full Duplex

    Auto Negotiation/Force Mode for UTP ports, 10/100 Mbps Half/Full Duplex, 1000 Mbps Full Duplex

● XM-RM761: Auto Negotiation mode for SFP port, 1000 Mbps Full


● XM-RM781: Auto Negotiation/Force Mode for UTP ports, 10/100 Mbps Half/Full Duplex, 1000 Mbps Full Duplex

Frame Length

Tx Packet Length: 48 ~ 16Kbytes


● Burst Mode: User-defined pattern, User-defined raw data, Random

● Rapid-Matrix Mode: Byte Increase/Decrease, Word Increase/

Decrease, 8'0 8'1, 16'0 16'1, 32'0 32'1, 64'0 64'1, Random. (Bit is presented by 0 or 1. 8'0 means 8-bit 0, 8'1 means 8-bit 1)

Data Integrity/


● 2nd level CRC check function independent from standard CRC

● Sequence miss check and frame loss check by X-TAG


Support Layer 2 BERT Test

Error Packet Generation

CRC (Good/Bad/None), Undersize, Oversize, Alignment Error, Dribble Error, IP Checksum Error

Hardware Counters

Port-based Statistics Counters

● Tx Counters per Port: Frame Count, Byte Count, Pause Frame

Count, Collisions, Single Collision, Multiple Collision, Excess

Collision, Tx ARP/ICMP Request/Reply

● Rx Counters per Port: Valid Rx Frame Count, Valid Rx Byte Count, Broadcast Frame Count, Multicast Frame Count, Unicast

 Frame Count, Pause Frame Count, VLAN Tagged Frame Count,

IPv4 Frame Count, Rx ARP/ICMP Request/Reply, RMON counters, Alignment Error, Dribble Error, Undersize, Oversize, CRC Error,

Data Integrity Error, IP Checksum Errors

● Tx / Rx Rate Counter: Tx/Rx Packet Rate, Tx/Rx Line Rate,

Tx/Rx Utilization

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